The beauty is so close...

The district capital Hartberg is the first Styrian city certified as a "Città Slow" - a particularly worth living city - and counts to one of the best preserved old towns in the country, which dates back to a long and exciting history.

In 2009, the international Città Slow network (from italian "città" = city) with its registered office in Italy awarded the desired Città Slow certificate to Hartberg. In order to qualify, a city has to meet at least 50 % of the conditions of a long catalog of requirements. Hartberg received 81 %. The criteria of the valuation include a sustainable environmental policy, high life quality, favoring local products, strengthening of local producers, craftsmen and traditions, and a lively hospitality. Città Slow seeks to achieve one important aim: strengthening the self worth of the region and city of Harterg as well as its variety. Please convince yourself!